Alfie's Advantage

Alfie, she’s smart — wicked smart. Leading the industry with next-generation skincare that’s a step up from anything you’ve seen, anywhere in the world. With 2x more effective permeation of key ingredients, and 3x longer retention of active ingredients than any other product on the market, you’ll see results fast.

Each and every product is created by a nutritional formulator and backed by a doctor, and all are made from natural ingredients, highlighting premium certified CBD and collagen. So you see, she’s not just claims, she’s driven by proven proprietary technology, and paving the way with fast-acting skincare.

Created out of founder Bianca Cheah-Chalmers’ personal need, They Call Her Alfie is everything she knew her skin was missing from her beauty routine. As the Founder of international wellness content platform Sporteluxe, Bianca tried everything - we mean everything. No matter how many products she tried, her skin craved the same thing… natural yet efficacious formulas that offered immediate, visible results.

Bianca worked tirelessly with a team of international scientists and formulators to uncover the science and ingredients that would smooth, tighten, firm, and plump, with visible results ASAP. Collectively, they discovered BSX — proprietary to They Call Her Alfie, BSX is a new transdermal delivery technology that allows the skin to absorb and retain key ingredients faster and longer, making the visible effects quicker and lasting. The brand values premium, non-toxic ingredients so you can finally feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.

Why Alfie?

They Call Her Alfie was created to provide clean skincare that delivers all-star premium ingredients such as Sacha-Inchi, Orchid Stem Cell, Hyaluronic Acid,  and one of our favorites — CBD with future-forward transdermal technology.

Our Technology

Did you know that on average only 23% of the key active ingredients of your favorite skincare makes its way into your skin?

Where Alfie excels is that our BSX 8.1 technology was developed by our team of doctors and formulators to improve the permeation and retention process. Our technology boasts a 200% better permeation and 300% longer retention than our closest peers*. What this means for you is that you get more of the key ingredients, where it counts which lasts longer.

*2018 Hyaluronic Acid Matek Study.

Best Of The Best

We pride ourselves on only using premium ingredients such as:

Orchid Stem Cell

Plant-derived stem cells derived from the orchid Calantha discolor, a plant native to Japan.  

Certain factors of this Calantha plant have beneficial effects of a number of growth factors produced by healthy skin that are involved with the production of the extracellular matrix, protection of skin cells, and wound healing. The stem cells from Calantha are have been clinically shown to induce rejuvenating growth factors in the naturally occurring stem cells in the skin. This potentiates the synthesis of several important proteins including collagen I and elastin.

Sacha Inchi

Sacha inchi is a perennial plant native to much of tropical South America and Southeast Asia recognized as a source of total body health and for promoting endurance. Regular consumption has been linked to remarkable health & life-extending properties. Ancient Incan women used sacha inchi to revitalize & rejuvenate their skin. The seeds are an excellent source of nutrients (e.g. vitamins, omegas) and a rich source of sustaining amino acids. Sacha Inchi delivers naturally occurring peptides critical for normal ECM (extracellular matrix) organization. Sacha Inchi helps to regulate the balance between synthesis & alignment of collagen & elastin. Reduces facial sagginess for more contoured skin


CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from hemp that offers several benefits. It has non-psychoactive effects but instead excels at relaxing tissues including muscle. Using topically can induce a localized relaxation in the epidermis which can result in improved blood flow and a reduction in tension that can lead to typical “age lines”.  (Our CBD meets the requirement of containing less than .3% THC.)

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid serves as a filler between keratinocytes (predominant cell type in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin), for nutrient exchange, and as signaling ligand (conveying messages through the skin’s nerve network). HA serves as the framework for structural proteins and skin cells, and as a filler, providing mechanical cushioning and holding moisture. Regular use of topical Hyaluronic Acid may help improve skin hydration and elasticity.

Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is made of Type I collagen, which is the building block for strong, flexible, and durable connective tissues, bones, and skin. It helps improve sagging skin by promoting and supporting natural collagen production in the skin, minimizing the loss of elasticity and helping skin look smoother, supple and more hydrated. The result is a reduction in the look of sagging skin and younger-looking skin overall.


Is a naturally occurring phytochemical with anesthetic properties. Spilanthol is extracted from Acmella oleracea and can help reduce muscle contractions and relaxes facial features. This phenomenon reduces fine lines, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose. Skin takes on a more noticeable smoothness. Reducing local tension in dermal areas may therefore also improve local circulation and oxygenation of dermal cells.

Why do we go to all this effort? Because we are passionate about our products being...


Our products are free from parabens, phthalates and are non-GMO. 


We love our furry friends and so don't ever test on animals!


No artificial aromas have been added to our products. If you notice a scent, it will be from essential oils.


Our Firming Serum and Pulse Point Serum do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.


It's safe to say that our products have not been genetically modified or grown in a Petrie dish.

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