How CBD Oil Based Skin Care Helps Soothe Stress and Anxiety

Looking for a salve to soothe your soul in times of stress? Consider a CBD oil-based skin care product.

Hailed as the hottest new plant-based ingredient in the wellness world right now, CBD oil (or cannabidiol) is fast becoming the secret go-to stress relief remedy for the busy, anxious and stressed out.

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD Oil or ‘Cannabidiol’ is a hemp seed oil that extracts the ‘THC molecule’ known to cause a ‘high’ and leaves the relaxed, anti-anxiety compound in.

Think of it like a quick way to get zen without any bad side effects and with all of the stress relieving, anti-anxiety, mellow feels.

And it’s got a growing celebrity backing to boot, CBD oil in skin care has already become the most popular stress remedy in Hollywood. 

Alessandra Ambrosio swears by it at bedtime for calming anxiety pre-runway shows, Olivia Wilde uses it as a body lotion to soothe her tired body after Broadway shows and Jennifer Anniston praises it as a hero product for relieving pain and boosting her mood.

Science studies also confirm its benefits, with CBD oil found to support anxiety, help sleep disorders and potentially even provide anxiety relief for those who struggle socially.

So how does it work in skin care and what’s the best way to use it to soothe stress? Two words — pulse points.

By applying a product that combines essential oils with cannabidiol to pulse points (such as the wrists or behind ears), it is absorbed by the body directly and has an instant calming and relaxing effect.

When selecting the best product, it’s important to note the ingredient list.

First, make sure it’s pure hemp CBD and that the cannabidiol serum is both doctor-formulated and non-toxic and if possible paraben-free, cruelty-free and with no artificial aromas.

The most powerful CBD oil is one that combines with a citrus essential oil as it works as an anti-anxiety relief and helps reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability while boosting physical and mental energy levels. For this reason, we love the Relaxing Pulse Point Serum that mixes sweet orange oil and cannabidiol.

For more than everyday stress, feel free to also apply serum to any areas of tension or pain such as muscles, forehead, and neck. And don’t be shy to go wild with it either. As a natural plant-based product free of toxins or harmful ingredients, CBD oil serum can be applied as often as you need!

So repeat after us: breath in, breathe out, and relax….